The Landscape of Customer Identity: Has Facebook Peaked?

In the third quarter of 2015 (​July – September), Facebook’s market share of social logins declined for the first time since Q3 2013. While the world’s largest social network still holds a 64% share of all social logins, has Facebook plateaued as a third-party identity provider (IdP)? It will be interesting to see whether Facebook can meet or surpass the all-time high 66% share it achieved in the second quarter of 2015.​

​Google+, on the other hand, gained a 2% share of social logins, bringing its total to 22%. Google’s social network continues to be the only IdP besides Facebook to maintain a market share greater than 10%. Yahoo’s share of the social authentication market remained below 5% for the second consecutive quarter, and Yahoo’s presence as an IdP on mobile applications and eCommerce sites has completely disappeared.

Check out the infographic below to see how consumers leveraged their existing social media credentials to authenticate their identities across the web and mobile ​applications in Q3​ 2015.


By Reeyaz Hamirani

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