The Landscape of Customer Identity: Facebook Slides Again

In the fourth quarter of 2015 (October – December), Facebook’s market share of social authentications declined for the second consecutive quarter. The world’s largest social network does, however, still control 62% of the overall social login market. As competition increases and other third-party identity providers (IdPs) improve their authentication flows, it will be interesting to see whether Facebook can meet or surpass the all-time high 66% share it achieved in the second quarter of 2015. Due to privacy and UX/CX improvements, Facebook accounted for an astounding 80% of all social authentications on mobile applications.
Google improved its overall share of the social authentication market to 24% in Q4.​ Google’s increase over the last two quarters may be attributed to the company’s unification of its services (Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google+, etc.) under one unique ID per user. As the company continues to struggle with a low number of active, logged-in users, Yahoo’s share of the social authentication market remained below 5% for the ​third consecutive quarter​.​
Check out the infographic below to see how consumers leveraged their existing social media credentials to authenticate their identities across the web and mobile applications in Q​4​ 2015.

By Tobias Meyer-Grunow