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The Independent’s Customized Social Experience

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new blog feature that places the spotlight on our awesome customers. Every week, many Gigya customers launch innovative and beautifully designed social features on their sites and apps. We want to highlight these implementations, because they make the web a more interesting place, and we’re extremely proud to say that Gigya is powering the social infrastructure behind them.

To kick it off, we wanted to call out The Independent, Britain’s leading news source. The Independent uses Gigya’s Reactions and Comments plugins to provide visitors with meaningful social experiences on Independent Voices, the editorial section of their website. We’d like to thank Jack Riley, Head of Digital Audience & Content Development at The Independent, for taking the lead on this initiative. Below you can find screenshots and detailed descriptions about their social integration.

frictionless sharing

Reactions Buttons

For quick and easy responses to content, Independent Voices readers can publish their thoughts in an instant using a React Now bar at the bottom of select articles. What’s great about this implementation is that The Independent customized the look and feel of Reaction buttons to completely match their site. The call to action “React Now” also stands out, capturing readers’ attention. Counters for each button, give readers a quick consensus of what others thought of the article with opinions ranging from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.”

The Independent is also taking advantage of the Facebook Open Graph with their Reaction implementation. If users are logged-in via Facebook, their Reactions are seamlessly posted to Timeline. This lets users quickly share their opinions with friends on Facebook. In turn, a user’s friends can click on the Facebook post, and post their own reaction on Independent Voices.

comments plugin

Comments Plugin

The Independent is using Gigya’s comments plugin to encourage more meaningful discussions around their editorial content. Readers can sign-in via social login or traditional login to post, rank, and share individual comments. The Independent team has made some stylish design modifications to highlight the different functions of the plugin. For instance, the thumbs up/down feature is replaced with + and – icons, and the reply button is customized to match the color and font style of the site. Additionally, comment text and usernames are modified with CSS to provide a consistent feel throughout the page. Everything together makes you just want to leave a comment that much more!

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– Kevin White, Marketing Manager @gigya

By Kevin White

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