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The Adobe Vision for Apps: A Single Solution for All Apps, All Devices at Adobe #MAX10

While the highly publicized dust-up between Adobe and Apple over Flash appeared to end at an impasse, perhaps it was much ado about nothing.  At Adobe MAX this past week,Adobe demonstrated how they have been moving steadily forward with a vision for the future of application development that in effect bypasses the issue.  Here are the key points:

  • Adobe believes in the app concept and that apps will continue to be developed and used by the masses across many devices.
  • At the same time, Adobe sees app development, distribution and monetization as becoming increasingly complicated and difficult to support across an increasing number of platforms
  • Adobe’s vision is to deliver a single point solution to this problem. Here’s how:

Technology & Development

Adobe apps are actually Air apps that run on PC and Mac – now Android and BlackBerry – and can also be exported to iOS. Using Adobe tools you can develop once, and export to all platforms, all mobile devices, tablets, netbooks, TVs and whatever’s next, perhaps your refrigerator.


Adobe is designing an ecosystem where you can submit once, to the Adobe marketplace, and distribute to all Adobe partners, for example, the Intel app store, called AppUp, aimed at netbooks and tablets.


This is also a key distribution mechanism, but it’s also much more. Gigya (full disclosure: Gigya is an Adobe partner) is providing the service which enables any developer  to connect their app with the social networks to drive word of mouth adoption as well as enable social login and social features which have proven to be so key to app success. This is also a multi-platform solution. Lucid Design was a finalist in the Adobe Max People’s Choice Awards, and their winning app included a Gigya integration for social login. You can read more about it here h


Key for all developers, Adobe wants you to monetize using the Adobe billing solution that will also work on all platforms. This space continues to heat up, with PayPal’s recent announcements for mobile at Innovate10, Apple and Google vying for mobile Payment company BOKU.


Adobe has distinct competitive advantage here, and will aggregate social analytics across the different platforms, using an Omniture tool.

Flash (and Flex, Dreamweaver) is still a major focus for Adobe, though they are also big supporters of HTML5 and we expect more to come about the vision for how these two platforms work together. With the recent news that Microsoft is shifting their Silverlight strategy to focus on HTML5 for cross-platform, many developers on both platforms are watching this space closely.

By Kevin White

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