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Social Commerce: The Path Forward

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On the heels of Altimeter’s Rise of Social Commerce Event, Lora Cecere, Jeremiah Owyang and gang have published their synthesis of where social commerce is now, and where it is going.  They introduce the new digital consumer where: “Trust in big brands is low.  Consumers want confidence in what they buy from friends, and insight from their community.”  While their interviews and quantitative research with social pioneers: manufacturers, retailers, consultants and technology providers (including Gigya) in the retail space surfaced a wide ranging list of goals and definitions, the team has summarized the path forward in four key stages, illustrated in the following graphic:

The research also found that different sub-segments are at different stages, and progressing at different rates.

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Two major events over the past few weeks focused their agendas on the future of retail:’s Annual Summit and the Altimeter Group’s Rise of Social Commerce.  Here are some of the key trends that emerged and our takeaways:

Trend #1: Seamless experiences across platforms
Technologies are beginning to break down the walls between online stores and their bricks and mortar counterparts.  Retailers are eager for greater integration between platforms.  The Altimeter Group calls this “Frictionless commerce.”  Technologies and user experiences that were highlighted include:

  • Geo location (passive and active) so that retailers and recognize you in-store before you reach the register.
  • Mobile experiences that are relevant wherever you want to shop, e.g. providing m-commerce outside of the store and price comparison tools and coupon options within the store.
  • Shopping with friends online in a way that is as satisfying and effective as the group shopping experience in-store. Wet Seal and Levi’s are retailers who has been testing heavily.
  • Facebook becoming a commerce platform – potentially competing in the future with ecommerce platforms like IBM WebSphere.

Key Takeaway: While some of these technologies are early stage, enabling people to use an existing social identity on any device will be a key element of unifying the retail experience across platforms, giving retailers a powerful way to link data and systems.

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