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Survey: The State of Consumer Privacy & Personalization

Consumers today expect personalization at every brand interaction, yet demand that businesses safeguard their data and give them full rights to their user privacy. Figuring out how to navigate this sentiment by successfully carrying out a strategy that respects user privacy while delivering relevant, data-driven user experiences can seem daunting, but it isn’t impossible.

Specifically, our 2014 State of Consumer Privacy & Personalization survey reports that modern consumers across the globe demand transparency, relevance, and convenience. Amidst these expectations, social login adoption is growing, as more and more businesses leverage it as a solution to address consumers’ privacy concerns and brand expectations.

To shed some light on these seemingly contradictory customer expectations, below are some additional survey findings.

  • Approximately 60% of US respondents say they use social login “often” or “always” when given the option, compared to just 35% of U.S. survey respondents in 2012.
  • Both US and UK consumers cite dissatisfaction with spending time filling out overly lengthy registration forms and remembering more usernames and passwords as the top two reasons for choosing to login socially.
  • Over 80% of respondents have abandoned filling out a registration form because they were uncomfortable with the amount and/or type of information being requested.
  • 43% of consumers ignore all communications from a brand after receiving irrelevant information.

For a comprehensive look at the full report, download it here.

By Emma Tzeng

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