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The Landscape of Social Login: The Identity War Heats Up

Social Login offers huge benefits for businesses and consumers alike. For consumers, it allows them to register and log into sites and apps without needing to fill out lengthy registration forms or remember yet another username and password. It also enables consumers to interact with a site or app’s other social features so they can seamlessly engage with content and products. For businesses, social login not only helps increase engagement and reduces barriers to entry, it also provides incredibly valuable first-party, permission-based consumer data that supercharges marketing and helps create closer connections between brands and consumers.

In the below infographic, we’ve taken a look at data from Q3 2013 (July – September) to discover how consumers use Social Login in different industry verticals and geographical locations and on their mobile devices. In general, we found that Google/Google+ continues to make strong gains as an identity provider, increasing its share of logins by 2% overall on web properties in a number of industry verticals.

On mobile devices and outside of the U.S., Facebook continues to be the dominant social login choice, though we expect a more varied distribution globally in the future as other networks, including regional networks such as Orkut (South America, primarily Brazil) and Vkontakte (Russia) gain prominence as identity providers.

Check out the full data and our analysis below:

Landscape of Social Login Q3 2013

Source: Gigya

— Victor White, Director, Marketing Communications

By Victor White

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