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Getting Real ROI with Social Login

In a marketer’s world, ROI is the be all and end all: every initiative should add direct value to the business and be measurable so its effects can be proved and analyzed. Thus, it’s critical for businesses to understand exactly how to capture and measure ROI in a way that’s seamless and efficient. To guide your strategy and help you optimize your spend, we’ll go over how consumer management technology like social login helps marketers get the greatest results without the confusion and headache.

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Social Login for Better User Experience, Conversions, and Data Insights

As many marketers struggle to capture their site visitors’ data in a useful, valuable manner, social login eliminates the need for expensive, often ineffective lead capture methods such as site retargeting. By eliminating the pain points of site registration such as having to fill out tedious forms and remember new login credentials, social login aids in demand generation efforts as it breaks down the roadblocks to consumer data, allowing businesses to start building authentic relationships with their consumers quickly and easily.

Not only is social login necessary for achieving ROI, it’s also proven to increase site conversions. We examined thousands of websites offering social login and discovered that social login increases user acquisition by an average of 33 percent. Moreover, socially logged in users view 66.7 percent more pages and spend 56 percent more time on average interacting with the site. (Source: Social Login infographic)

What to Measure

Social login improves registration conversions, provides businesses with relevant, accurate data on their users, and helps decrease forgotten password issues. When considering ROI, it’s important to measure each of these value adds to figure out social login’s true impact:

  • Increase in registrations – How much have site registration numbers increased since implementing social login?
  • Value of a registered user – To determine the value of a registered user, you’ll want to examine the estimated return for new user registrations. Take the following example: An ecommerce site registers 10,000 users a month. Of these registrations, 500 users go on to make purchases on the site over the span of a year. If each purchaser’s average shopping cart conversion is $75, then the value per registered user is $3.75. What is the value per registered user for your business?
  • Decrease in forgotten password help desk issues – When users log in socially, they save themselves from having to remember another username and password combination; your business, in turn, avoids the hassle of dealing with lost password recovery issues. What is the decrease in support costs since implementing social login?
Social Login Orchestrates ROI

Essentially, social login is the gateway to social ROI — it orchestrates data capture in a permission-based, streamlined manner so customers can register and log in easily and businesses can capture this data to understand these users.

To learn more about how social login positively affects ROI, download our free white paper, “Path to ROI: Boosting Demand Gen and Improving Conversions with Social Login.”

-Emma Tzeng, Marketing @gigya

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