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Path to ROI: Boosting Demand Gen and Improving Conversions with Social Login

Path to ROI with Social LoginROI – it’s that elusive, encompassing term that marketers love to throw around, dissect, measure, and discuss. But what does it actually mean and how exactly is it achieved, particularly in the realm of social marketing?

To help marketers better strategize their digital marketing efforts, we’re breaking down the path to social ROI into a series of achievable, measurable methods spread out across a series of white papers. The first of these resources focuses on how social login bolsters demand gen efforts while improving site conversions and instructs how these data points can be captured and measured to determine ROI.

Download the white paper, Path to ROI: Boosting Demand Gen and Improving Conversions, to learn more about how Social Login and data capture plays into your business’s conversion efforts.

-Emma Tzeng, Marketing @gigya


By Emma Tzeng

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