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PacSun Launches Social Login and Social Sharing Features

PacSun, a popular retailer that sells men’s and women’s clothing for people who prefer the laid-back California style, has launched major improvements to the online and mobile edition of its clothing store, leveraging Gigya Technology to do so. This move, which provides customers with a more social experience, is the next logical step for the ecommerce site, as many of PacSun’s customers are heavy users of social networks. Tim Katz, Pac Sun’s Director of Ecommerce, knew the importance of offering customers an immersive social experience on and decided work with Gigya to power the site’s social infrastructure. social-login

Registration Through Social Login

As one of Gigya’s core products, Social Login is the gateway to social engagement on our client’s websites. By leveraging Social Login, customers can register and login with their with their Facebook IDs without needing to fill out additional forms or remember new usernames and passwords. As a result, PacSun is able to reduce the barriers to entry on it’s site, and allow users to engage with products and content using their social identities.

Social Sharing

In addition to allowing customers to register and login with their Facebook accounts, PacSun’s upgrade also provides a simple way for customers to share products through Gigya’s Share Bar plugin. While browsing product pages, the Share Bar supplies customers with the option to share products to Facebook or Pinterest using the official Facebook “Like” or Pinterest “Pin It” buttons. Alternatively, customers can click the share button to share with a variety of social networks such as Google+ and Twitter. Integrating social infrastructure was top-of-mind for PacSun as the company redesigned its website. By allowing its users to interact and share with their social network identities, the company has a huge opportunity to attract, engage, and understand its users better than ever. — – Kevin White, Marketing Manager @gigya

By Kevin White

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