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Now Retailers Can Make Their Own Sites Social: New Gigya Social Commerce plugins and turnkey integrations for ATG, Demandware & Magento

Social Commerce is changing the way people shop – customers want ways to interact with their friends while shopping on any platform or channel, and retailers are struggling to keep up with the near-constant evolution of social technologies. In a January 2011 survey, Retail Systems Research found that 98% of retailers view investing in social commerce as valuable, but that an increasing number are “stymied” by their existing technologies.

What do they need? 96% of retailers “tell us that a streamlined infrastructure is key to overcoming the inhibitors they face today.” They need Gigya.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce exactly what retailers are looking for:

A comprehensive suite of social plugins that are fully integrated with the top social networks and with leading ecommerce platforms.

Integrating the Share Plugin, ratings & reviews, sharing, social recommendations and social login, our new Social Recommendation plugins work together seamlessly.  The Share Plugin gives customers:

  • New ways to share products and opinions with their network of friends and the site community
  • New ways to see what their own friends are doing on a retail site – rating, reviewing, sharing, asking or buying
  • Real benefits in the form of improved user experience and better insights that are the basis for building a relationship with a retailer
The benefits to retailers?
  • New customers from shopper word of mouth activity
  • Increased conversion rates from adding more customer feedback and by linking ratings and reviews to other social activity
  • Simplified implementation and analytics: only Gigya ties everything together in a comprehensive package, delivering a superior user experience as well as unified reporting on customer activity across all points of social engagement.
While the plugins are available to any retailer on any platform, Gigya has made integration even easier with platform integrations for ATG, Demandware and Magento customers.

Gigya Recommendation Plugins include:

Reactions are pre-designed or fully customizable buttons that provide a new and easy way for shoppers to express and share their opinions of products. The plugin displays the percent of shoppers who have clicked each reaction, just like a real-time poll.

Giantnerd has already rolled out the Reactions plug-in, asking customers to let other shoppers know how they feel about an item, in this case “Love It, Dislike It, Want It or Own It”:

Reactions Plugin
Reactions Plugin with Share Prompt
Recommendation Feed
The feed pulls user activity from ratings, reviews, reactions and any other relevant user actions – from Gigya plugins or any other 3rd party or vendor-supported site features – and displays them in a real-time feed on any page on your site. Shoppers can view activity for their friends, the entire community, or even themselves. Retailers can filter displayed data by product category or any other desired dimension.
Recommendations Plugin
Recommendations Feed – Friend Recommendations
Key influencers
Gigya identifies your top site advocates and provides the information instantly so retailers can put it to work for in real-time. Reward your best advocates and optimize your site for advocate word-of-mouth to increase customers and sales.
iRank Key Influencer Analytics
Action-based Share Plugin
Just as providing the right information at the right moment can increase purchase conversion, prompting the right customers to share at key moments can increase sharing conversion by as much as 400%. Gigya’s action-based Share Plugin enables retailers to prompt their biggest advocates to share at the right moments – after leaving a positive product rating or review, or after purchasing a product.
Action-based Share Plugin

Gigya’s industry-leading Social Login plugin is also available to retailers who want to link social activity directly to customer accounts and/or streamline the checkout process.

Social Login

You can see the Social Commerce plugins in action today on the following Gigya retail customer sites:



Home Depot

Pleasant Holidays

Coming soon: Barneys New York and many other great retail brands and innovators.

Turnkey Gigya Solution for Top E-Commerce Platforms
Technology integrations are one of the biggest headaches of e-commerce. They can account for up to 50% of the overall time and cost of a typical e-commerce implementation and can be a barrier to the adoption of available technologies. Providing turnkey modules for major e-commerce platforms enables rapid and efficient implementation of Gigya. Gigya is currently available on the following platforms:

*ATG: Oracle | ATG is the leading provider of online commerce and optimization solutions. Oracle provides a powerful platform—based on industry standards—that enables retailers to leverage existing IT investments and accelerate business performance with agility, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. Gigya is an Oracle | ATG complementary software provider.

*Demandware LINK: As part of Demandware LINK, Gigya joins a best-of-breed technology partner community committed to removing the integration hurdles that retailers face when adopting ecommerce technologies.

*Magento: Magento is a feature-rich, professional Open Source eCommerce platform solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. Gigya is featured in the Magento Connect marketplace and retailers can demo Gigya’s plugins on the Gigya Magento demo site.

As more of our customers go live with the Social Commerce Plugins and on our partner e-commerce platforms, we will share their stories with you here.

By Kevin White

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