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New White Paper: “Harnessing Big Data to Grow Revenue”

Nearly everyday, headlines about big data flood the news channels–and with good reason. With more and more people turning to the Internet as a medium for self-expression and building social relationships, businesses need to understand how to listen to and interact with their digitally-tuned users. When it comes to understanding today’s social consumer, big data is the key.

Despite the talk about big data, though, there hasn’t been much guidance on how it can be responsibly and directly used to add value to businesses and online audiences. To shed some light on some best practices, we’ve put together a white paper that addresses the following big data questions:

  • How is social data captured, stored, and managed?
  • What are some best practices for collecting user data?
  • What are ways that social data can be used to deliver direct value to businesses and consumers?

Download the white paper today to learn how you can start making big data an effective part of your social marketing strategy.

-Emma Tzeng, Marketing @gigya

By Emma Tzeng

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