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New Study: Moms Rely on Word of Mouth Sharing

In a recent report, “How U.S. Moms Share & Spread HEALTH Information,” Lucid Marketing  found that U.S. moms often share health information via email (84%) and Facebook (69%). About the same percentage say they hear about new things through email (83%) and Facebook (76%), while only 65% choose television. The study was conducted from an online community of moms on, and brings to light that more moms are using technology for learning by actively reading and sharing on blogs, and communicating through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

A similar eMarketer study conducted in December, 2010 found that 63% of moms typically felt that word-of-mouth is credible. You can see more results from that study below:

eMarketer WOM Moms

You can read more about the Lucid Group report in this MediaPost Research Brief, or download the report from Lucid Marketing here.

By Kevin White

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