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March Madness Final Four Fan Showdown

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a stir in the Gigya Mountain View office over the annual NCAA March Madness tournament. Gigyans have been representing their alma maters’ colors and watching their brackets in hopes that their teams will reach the Final Four (sadly, UC Davis, my alma mater, has not made the tournament since, well…ever).

Now with the Final Four weekend approaching, we took the opportunity to examine the traits of the average fan of each of the remaining tournament teams: the Florida Gators, UConn Huskies, Wisconsin Badgers, and Kentucky Wildcats. Using our newly released Consumer Insights, we were able to glean some interesting data about the fan bases of each team and determine what makes fans of each school similar and different.

  • Kentucky and Wisconsin fans are more likely to attend a country concert together: both Lady Antebellum and Zac Brown Band are in the Top 5 Music groups for both fans
  • Meanwhile both coastal fan bases, Florida and UConn, have a stronger preference for hip-hop
  • Fans from three out of the four teams list Family Guy as one of their favorite Top 5 TV Shows
  • The movie The Hangover is in the Top 5 for the fans of every team
  • The average Kentucky fan is female, compared to male for all three other teams
  • Kentucky fans’ favorite movie is The Notebook vs. The Hangover or The Blindside for the other teams

For marketers, the data reveals some fascinating threads that could significantly impact how brands connect with these fans.  For example, fans of all four teams cited “The Hangover” as one of their favorite movies. If Warner Bros. wanted to promote the next Zach Galifianakis comedy, it might consider buying TV spots for the film during the Final Four. Another example: with a majority female fan base that favors country music, a popular women’s clothing brand like Forever 21 might see major success in buying media on the Wildcats’ official website.

These two examples merely scratch the surface of how marketers can deeply understand and segment users with Gigya’s Consumer Insights. To learn more about Consumer Insights, go here, and check out the infographic below that breaks down how the fan bases from the remaining NCAA Tournament teams compare:

— Victor White, Director, Marketing Communications


By Victor White

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