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Jeremiah Owyang on Gigya Socialize “Get Ready As Corporate Sites and Social Networks Start To Connect”

In his blog post today, Jeremiah Owyang comments on the situation, opportunity, challenges and solutions for brands looking to make their web presence more social.

He says:  “In a recent report titled the “Future of the Social Web” we found that we are entering the era of social colonization, every webpage and experience will be social–even if brands choose not to participate.  I spent time with Palo Alto startup Gigya who now has a product that enables brands to quickly allow users to login using third party identities (like Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook) quickly to a corporate web experience. Right now, brands are ‘Pollinating’ the social web by letting their corporate created content spread to social networks. As a result, companies are going to start aggregating conversations –the natural reaction to centralize trusted discussions.”

Jeremiah does a nice job of laying out a getting started plan for brands – while it will certainly take some new skill sets we at Gigya are trying to make it as easy as possible for brands to take advantage of the powerful new social login tools provided by Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and others.

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