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How to Win Relationships & Influence Customers

Just like any first date, winning the hearts and minds of your customers depends on how well of a first impression your brand can make. With a dizzying amount of messages, links, ads, and sites all vying for your users’ attention, the moment they land on your page is your one and only shot to form a lasting relationship.

To help you woo those customers and nurture them into loyal brand advocates, we’ve outlined three steps to developing long-lasting brand-consumer relationships.

1. Make Instant, Effortless Connections

Playing hard to get on a first date is a sure-fire way to kill a possible connection and lose someone’s interest fast. The same idea holds true when users look to connect online with your brand. Make this easy for them by eliminating the need to remember new usernames and passwords and fill out endless data fields. In other words, don’t risk losing out on potentially loyal users before they have the chance to find out how wonderful you really are.

Giving consumers the option to log in socially is the best way to facilitate this connection. With no passwords or security questions to worry about, users can authenticate their social identities and start interacting with your brand after a couple of clicks.

As with any relationship, though, you want to make sure that you start off on the right foot. This means letting your customers know they can trust you by telling them exactly what data you will be collecting when they log in and how you will be using it.

In this vein, we surveyed thousands of businesses that implemented social login and discovered that businesses that clearly communicate the benefits of registering socially for their sites see a 109% increase in login conversions on average.

2. Keep Your Eye on the Long Term

No matter how good looking you may be, your looks won’t entice for more than a few dates. Likewise, your brand won’t hold on to a customer’s interest without deeper, more personal engagement. A socially engaging site provides the dialogue that consumers need to interact with your brand on a deeper level.

Software for commenting on content, reviewing purchases, or leaving feedback on products gives your consumers the chance to voice their opinions and have them be heard. When customers are expressive towards and with your brand, the organic feedback from your consumer base creates a much more dynamic relationship.

Rewarding consumers for engaging with your brand is also a good way to hold their loyalty. To reinforce and encourage users to perform valuable actions on your site or mobile app, consider investing in a gamification solution that rewards customers for positive behaviors that add value to your brand. As consumers compete to accumulate points, badges, and rewards, they engage with your brand exactly the way you want them to and have a great time doing it.

3. Know What They Really Want

A seemingly good first date can only ever be a success if it leads to a second. Never lose your customers due to your own inability to follow up properly to a great initial interaction.

Leveraging first party social data is the best way to gain the insights you need to deliver personal messaging that will make your consumers remember your brand fondly. Once you know exactly who your customers are and what they are drawn to, you can send tailored emails, create personalized user experiences, and suggest unique content to make them feel extra special. Once you pull this off, you’ll gain the loyalty and trust that you need to develop that long-lasting, fulfilling relationship.

Additional Resources

Winning relationships with consumers is not as straightforward as it used to be, but it isn’t impossible either. For a deeper look on cultivating customer loyalty, download our free guide, Path to ROI: Building Customer Loyalty with Rewards.

By Alex Nunez

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