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How Consumer Engagement Leads to More Revenue

Today’s consumers are interacting, conversing, and sharing across multiple channels, creating actionable data points that businesses can leverage to enable valuable connections with their consumers. A Forrester Research report from earlier this year reveals that over half of Internet-connected adults in the U.S. expect — if not appreciate or even seek out — some sort of social marketing experience online.

As many marketers have already discovered, however, carrying out a truly effective strategy to actually connect with these customers in measurable ways is easier on paper than in practice. To make the process more manageable, businesses should implement social plugins that nurture engagement across different touch points.

Why Social Plugins Matter

Social plugins like Ratings & Reviews, Comments and Reactions, Activity Feeds, and more, work together to encourage more on-site and in-app engagement, which leads to increases in user loyalty.

Some benefits of implementing social plugin include shorter potential path to purchase, increased sense of community among users, increased SEO rankings, and valuable referral traffic from social channels.

How Social Engagement Translates to ROI

Measuring user engagement calls for a look at referral traffic and conversion numbers and value. Metrics include increase in SEO traffic, increase in social referral traffic, visit to conversion numbers, and the value of these conversions.

To learn how to fuel web engagement and UGC, check out our white paper, Path to ROI: How Consumer Engagement Leads to More Revenue

By Emma Tzeng

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