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Gigya’s Got Game! Introducing Game Mechanics

Summer is here and that always means fun at Gigya. The Gigya office is all abuzz today with the official launch of the latest addition to our product suite: Game Mechanics, a product that brings the fun into online experiences, driving the online user behaviors that fuel our clients’ businesses.

Gartner analyst Brian Burke wrote in his January 2011 Gamification Primer, “In the past, the question was: How can I get customers more engaged? The answer was to use points and rewards. The question has changed to: What game mechanics can be applied to increase engagement and change behavior in this problem space? The focus has shifted to understanding how games motivate people — and then how can those motivational techniques be applied to a business problem.”

Until Gigya, the options for online businesses looking to gamify their own sites were limited to point solution vendors, adding layers of complexity to both program management and site integration. We’re solving this problem by offering Game Mechanics as an integrated part of our social suite. Clients can both automatically incorporate user activity across any of the Gigya social plugins into the Game Mechanics product, as well as pull in any other valuable user activity on the site.

Gigya’s gamification solution is the easiest to implement and most powerful option on the market today. With Gigya’s integrated platform, clients have everything they need to make their own sites social, and then leverage the social analytics to fuel growth.

Gamification has been one of the most requested features from our clients and we are very excited that a number of launch partners for Game Mechanics including, Car Domain, Video Bash, GoodSearch, Shoebacca and Daily Racing Form will soon be adding the solution to their sites.

Some of the highlights of the product include:

  • A dashboard that gives site administrators total flexibility to configure game mechanics components including assigning points, creating challenges and awarding users with achievements like badges and level-ups based on site activity.
  • Full integration with all other Gigya social plugins, enabling clients to automatically incorporate social activity into the social rewards program
  • The ability to create and upload badges and other content-based awards that match the brand personality of the site
  • Powerful, customizable plugins to display to users their achievements, leaderboards, and real-time notifications of accomplishments
  • Reports on fundamental metrics including top users, daily activities and user segments by achievement

Here’s a brief video overview of Gigya’s Game Mechanics product. As always, please contact us at or (650) 353-7230 to learn more.

— Patrick Salyer, CEO, Gigya

By Patrick Salyer

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