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Gigya Partners with Google to Launch Google+ Sign-in Across the Web

Earlier this quarter, Google sank its teeth deeper into social with the launch of Google+ Sign-in, which allows third-party websites to integrate Google+ as a social registration and login option.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we have integrated the new Google+ Sign-in into Gigya’s Social Login and deployed it across client sites such as (Fox Broadcasting Company).

To help businesses gain a deeper understanding of how Google+’s new sign-in adds value to websites that offer it as a registration and login option, we’ve pulled together some ways Google+ Sign-in creates more streamlined user experiences.

Over-the-Air Installs Make Mobile App Discovery Quicker and Easier

Today’s connected consumers are likely interacting with your brand on their computers and mobile devices. Google+’s Over-the-Air Installs allow companies to link their mobile apps with their websites, making mobile app discovery and adoption smoother and simpler.

With Over-the-Air Installs, users that log in to a web property with Google+ are prompted with the option to send that website’s corresponding Android app to their mobile devices. The process from sign-in to mobile app download takes seconds, happens seamlessly, and helps drive more engagement both over the web and across mobile devices.

Interactive Posts Drive Desired Actions

Google+’s Interactive Posts enables mobile app users to send personalized, action-oriented posts to their Google+ network. This allows businesses to promote desired user actions within their Android app such as “write a review,” “buy an item,” “check in,” or “sign up” and encourages specific user behaviors by making it possible for users to share unique call-to-actions with their social connections.

By customizing actions within mobile apps, businesses can exercise more direct influence over user sharing and actions. For instance, an e-commerce mobile app that displays a “buy” button clearly communicates its prominent call-to-action. When a user clicks “buy” and shares the action across his Google+ network, his recipients that click through the Interactive Post are redirected back to the corresponding place in the app where they can purchase the shared item.

With the addition of Google+ as a social login option, businesses now possess an even wider spectrum of opportunities when it comes to capturing actionable user data. To learn more about how social login and big data benefits your business, read our Complete Guide to Social Infrastructure.

-Emma Tzeng, Marketing @gigya

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