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Gigya Integrating Social Login with PayPal Access, PayPal’s New Login Service

PayPal Access

As some of you may have heard, PayPal has just introduced a new commerce identity service at the X.commerce Innovate Developer Conference 2011 that will allow web users to login to participating retail sites with their PayPal credentials. We’re proud to announce that Gigya is partnering with PayPal and X.commerce to offer PayPal Access to our clients via Gigya’s Social Login Plugin and API. PayPal Access offers a unique and secure way for ecommerce sites to reduce shopping cart abandonment and lift sales. With PayPal Access implemented via Gigya, shoppers can simply login to retailer sites using their PayPal usernames and passwords and make purchases without needing to re-enter their PayPal credentials.

PayPal offers its merchants and consumers an unparalleled level of security and convenience as a payment method. And as an identity service, PayPal Access has enormous potential to improve the user checkout experience while simultaneously helping retailers increase conversions by eliminating friction points in the transaction process. PayPal Access is currently available to retailers worldwide and will be offered through Gigya Social Login shortly. For more information on PayPal Access, check out the PayPal Blog.

By Kevin White

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