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Gigya Gamifies Pepsi SoundOff to Engage The X-Factor Fans

Pepsi, one of the largest consumer brands in the world, has been getting serious about social and about engaging its millions of loyal customers via social channels. Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that Pepsi has launched a robust community platform powered by Gigya’s social technology that will allow fans of Fox’s “The X-Factor” to interact, compete and share with their friends and other fans. The platform, called Pepsi SoundOff, leverages APIs from Gigya’s social suite including Social Login, Comments Plugin and Gamification and offers users a complete on-site social experience. Visitors who go to are instantly able to become a part of the community by making comments, sharing those comments to Facebook and Twitter and then gaining fans in a gamified environment.

As soon as a user signs in with her social ID via Gigya’s Social Login, she accrues “caps” which act similarly to badges and rewards users with social standing in the larger community. The more a user engages with the site and shares back to her social network, the more caps she receives. Users can also “fan” each other’s comments, boosting social standing on the site as visualized in the community “In the Spotlight” leaderboard and by their ranking category (such as “Pledge”, “Curator”, “Veteran”).

Pepsi SoundOff is easily one of the best implementations that Gigya has ever done and we can’t wait to see how fans of The X-Factor take to this new community platform. Congratulations to the Pepsi Co. team for creating such a fantastic on-site social experience using Gigya’s APIs.

By Kevin White

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