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Customer Spotlight: Talpa Media Creates a Connected Utopia to Span the Silver Screen & Beyond

Talpa Media is a leading global television and digital media company based in the Netherlands, and is responsible for creating such internationally acclaimed formats as The Voice and What Do I Know.

Challenge: Bridging Consumer Engagement and Loyalty Across Channels and Devices

With the release of its newest TV hit, Utopia, Talpa Media recognized the opportunity to revolutionize the silver screen by inviting viewers to play an active and influential role in the series. Talpa relied on Gigya to help build viewer interaction and loyalty by powering a socially connected experience that spans channels and devices.

Solution: Creating an Immersive Omni-channel Experience

Talpa creates an authentic online community of Utopia fans by allowing viewers to verify their identities via Gigya’s Social Login to watch live streams, download videos and interact with other viewers. Viewers can actively participate in the Utopia community by sharing opinions and feedback around show clips and content, casting votes and discussing on-screen events via live stream.

To encourage more meaningful and consistent user interaction, Talpa awards users points for voting, leaving comments and more. Viewers with the most points, or “Elite Users,” gain enhanced influence over Utopia events and are even eligible to appear on the show, transcending virtual and real-world experiences and inviting viewers to become a part of Utopia.

“We are extremely pleased with the level of viewer engagement we have been able to achieve with Gigya, and are seeing the impact across KPIs like user engagement, time spent and unique visits. Gigya solutions like Social Login and Gamification have enabled us to seamlessly connect and interact with Utopia fans across digital channels to create a large, authentic, interactive community of connected viewers.”

To learn more about the social utopia and results Talpa achieved with Gigya, download the full case study here.

By Rachel Serpa

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