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Customer Spotlight: Paréntesis Drives Deeper Connections with Social

As one of Mexico’s leading hubs for technology product reviews, Parentesis provides an online community for tech enthusiasts to discuss products and read reviews from industry experts. As a destination for exchanging input online, Parentesis sought to engage its community by providing even more ways to connect with users through social while fostering a community around engagement and trust.

Highlights: Increased Sharing and Daily Social Interactions

  • 70% increase in sharing as more users authenticate their social identities and share content across their social networks
  • Thousands of daily social interactions occurring across

Challenge: Nurture Trust and Continuous User Engagement

As Parentesis continues growing its content offering, the company came to Gigya with the goal of creating a culture of trust and transparency. Parentesis also wanted to offer a social experience to engage its user base in meaningful, deep ways that lead to valuable conversions.

Key Challenges

  • Establish trust with customers through responsible, transparent data practices
  • Facilitate two-way conversations on-site for greater engagement
  • Incentivize desired behaviors and boost loyalty among user base

Solution: Integrated Social Platform for a Completely Immersive Experience

To foster deeper connections with its users, Parentesis lets its customers log in easily using their social identities via Social Login and interact with the site’s social elements by reviewing and leaving comments on products, sharing content and site activity to their networks, viewing others’ site activity in real-time, and more. By facilitating an environment that enables users to authenticate and integrate their social profiles into the Parentesis site experience, the company creates opportunities to develop authentic relationships with their users by personalizing communications based on relevant data.

After logging users in socially, Parentesis builds its user-generated content offering by integrating Gigya’s Ratings & Reviews so users can rate and review technology products featured on the site. As users leave input on products, they can share their reviews over their social channels, which pulls more social referral traffic back to

To nurture loyalty and incentivize desired site actions, Parentesis implements Gigya’s Gamification platform to reward its top users. By rewarding its biggest influencers with real world incentives, Parentesis nurtures loyalty while promoting desired behavior, ultimately driving conversions for its business.

“Gigya’s consumer management platform has helped us nurture a strong, loyal user base that’s actively engaged with our web properties. As we continue to grow, we’re excited to connect with our customers in even more engaging, dynamic ways through social.”

By Emma Tzeng

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