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Customer Spotlight: J-WAVE Transforms a Century Old Medium Into a Social Experience

J-WAVE is the leading commercial radio station in Tokyo, Japan. Its Tokyo Morning Radio program broadcasts both music and talk radio to a variety of listeners each morning.

Challenge: Transforming Broadcasts into Two-Way Conversations

With the rise of social media technologies, J-WAVE recognized the opportunity to transform traditional radio into an interactive channel. J-WAVE sought to create a social community where listeners could actively engage with and discuss Tokyo Morning Radio broadcasts in real-time.

Key Challenges:

  • Enabling listeners to actively participate in radio conversation
  • Building reach and brand awareness via word-of-mouth
  • Stimulating quality user discussions

Solution: Allowing Listeners to Tune In Socially

Gigya Comments provide J-WAVE listeners with an open forum to express their opinions and provide feedback around both recorded and real-time broadcasts. By adding Comments to the pages of each individual show hosted during Tokyo Morning Radio, J-WAVE has made it easier for listeners to connect around specific broadcasts, helping to keep them engaged and tuning in consistently.

User comments are also able to be syndicated across listeners’ social networks via Gigya’s Share solution. Social sharing amplifies influential listener conversations, increasing J-WAVE’s reach and growing its listener base. Adding social sharing to the mix also creates an immersive user experience spanning radio, digital and social channels.

J-WAVE prompts users to login before posting comments via Gigya’s Social Login, which allows listeners to easily verify their identities using their existing social media accounts. By tying all user activity to a single, authenticated user identity, J-WAVE has been able to generate high quality user generated content and minimize spam. Logging in socially also enables users to share their comments with their social networks with the click of a button.

Key Solutions:

  • Comments: stimulates listener engagement and discussion
  • Share: amplifies engagement across social networks and increases word-of-mouth
  • Social Login: authenticates user identities to foster higher quality user generated content

“Gigya has enabled J-WAVE to transform what has been a traditionally passive medium into a socially interactive experience. With Social Login, Comments and Share, we are bridging channels and devices to create meaningful, influential dialogues with our listeners.”

By Rachel Serpa

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