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White Paper: The Complete Guide to Getting Real ROI From Social

Marketers today are swamped with such a seemingly endless amount of data points to measure and test — from site conversions, to user engagement, to share rates, and more — that sometimes just the mere act of figuring out which numbers to analyze can be paralyzing.

To help marketers combat this “data paralysis,” we’ve broken down the ROI of social marketing into a series of achievable, measurable methods:

  1. Enable social login to boost demand gen efforts and improve site conversions
  2. Collect social profile and behavior data
  3. Power business applications with relevant consumer data
  4. Enable meaningful social conversations
  5. Increase customer loyalty with incentives

By knowing which initiatives to prioritize, how to carry them out, and how to measure them, marketers can create a holistic social data strategy that engages and converts customers at every touch point.

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The Complete Guide to Social ROILearn how to calculate the value of social data by downloading our free white paper, The Complete Guide to Getting Real ROI from Social.

By Emma Tzeng

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