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Be a PRO with Your Social Data

We’ve already espoused the benefits of social data, but it’s just as important for the businesses handling this data to understand how to use it responsibly. In other words, social data is only as valuable as a business’s ability to properly leverage it, which means respecting users’ rights and delivering value to socially registered customers.

Because of the sensitive nature of social data, it’s crucial for businesses to practice discernment and integrity while handling users’ information. To boil it down, here are some tips businesses should follow to handle users’ data like a PRO:


Users have a right to be protective about their personal data. Partner with your users in protecting their data privacy rights by clearly communicating the terms of use of their data prior to registration. As a rule of thumb, it’s always better to over-communicate than to lose your customers’ trust as a result of some miscommunication over how their data is being used.


Social data always begins with social login. When implementing social login, practice discernment by only presenting the options that are relevant to your users. For example, it wouldn’t be strategic for an e-commerce website to offer LinkedIn as a social sign-in option, as you hardly see any LinkedIn users sharing their latest personal purchases with their professional networks.


Give your users some registration and sign-in options instead of limiting them to a single social network. Not only are users more likely to log in socially when presented with a few different options, but providing more than one choice for social login also allows users to connect multiple social networks to their accounts, which, in turn, increases the data points your business can collect.

To sum it up, businesses would be apt to practice the Golden Rule when asking users to share their information. As a user, wouldn’t you want businesses to protect your data and present relevant sign-in options? The premise is really quite simple: do with your users’ data as you would have others do unto yours–handle it like a PRO.

For the whole overview of what social data is and can do for your business, check out our white paper, Harnessing Big Data to Grow Revenue.

-Emma Tzeng, Marketing @gigya

By Emma Tzeng

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