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Announcing Gigya’s Identity Management Platform

Today we’re announcing the release of Gigya’s Identity Management Platform, a new technology for managing user data that provides businesses with complete, permission-based access to user social, profile, and behavior data on their websites. Until now, businesses trying to access reliable sets of customer data have been hindered by several obstacles such as outdated registration information or purchasing expensive customer data that can be lacking in interest graph information. Now your business can collect, store and leverage permission-based social data for targeted email marketing campaigns and content recommendations, and even segment users for hyper-relevant ad targeting.

Gigya’s Identity Management Platform captures social data – profile, social graph, interest graph, and behavior graph data – that users authorize a site to access when they authenticate with their social identities either through registration/login or through interacting with social plugins on the site. The new platform also offers sites a cloud-based user registration system, allowing sites to maintain a unified user database across a network of sites using Single Sign-On for both social and traditional site authentication.

As with all of Gigya’s technology, the Identity Management Platform works seamlessly with and leverages Gigya’s existing suite of social products including Social Login, Ratings & Reviews, Comments Plugin, Share, and Gamification, making it the only data management solution available that provides complete insight into user demographics, interests, preferences and on-site behaviors.

By integrating with Gigya’s suite of social plugins, you can target your users with an unprecedented level of granularity and relevance. As an example, using Gigya’s Identity Management Platform, you can easily obtain a list of users who have a college degree, like traveling, and are socially influential.

Social data yields an incredible opportunity for business trying to reach, target and influence your customers. With the Identity Management Platform, you can now take advantage of the power of permission-based social data and become more relevant to your customers than ever before.

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— Patrick Salyer, CEO

By Patrick Salyer

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