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All Effective Marketing is Identity-Based

A recent Infosys study found that 86% of customers say that personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions. In other words, customers overwhelmingly ask for personalized experiences, and they are willing to share information when it is convenient and appealing to do so. What’s more, personalization can actually influence the path to purchase in a very real, direct way.

Despite this, the same study found that over 30% of these consumers feel that brands are not providing enough personalization. In order to spur the experiences that drive users to convert, it’s more important than ever for businesses to deliver the relevancy that consumers crave.

In that vein, brands need to stop broadcasting to vague personas and demographics and start communicating with individuals. We’ll show you how in four tangible ways — social login, transparency, clear communication, and rewards.


Boost Registrations with Social Login

The top seven social networks have over 200 million active users each. Facebook alone has well over one billion. Inviting visitors to authenticate and identify through social login is by far the most effective and frictionless way to establish those personal, long-lasting consumer-business relationships that breed loyalty and drive referrals. That’s why even brands with a highly technical following, like PCWorld, can boost registrations by at least 40% by implementing social login.

Tip: Adopt social login for your brand community, which can enhance registration performance even if you already support private accounts.


Practice Transparency with Data Collection

Customers want personalization, but they also want authenticity. A dense, indigestible terms and conditions document outlining your data collection practices may be compliant with relevant privacy regulations, but it is not a terribly authentic or friendly way to engage.

Instead, be upfront and speak in plain language. The most authentic way to request more information for purposes of identification and personalization is to tell customers exactly what you plan to collect before they complete the registration process.

Tip: Clearly disclose the data you are asking permission to collect from social login. Make that information easy to revisit for your customers, and don’t ask for more than you need.


Deliver Clear Messaging to Facilitate Trust

Don’t just ask for personal data as part of the social login and registration process. Tell visitors clearly and concisely what you plan to do with that information and how they will benefit by sharing this data. Chances are, your customers already know what they’re hoping to see from your personalized marketing.

Over 60% of the Infosys survey respondents endorsed personalized coupons and offers based on previous brand contacts. Brands which are able to clearly communicate their goals to customers can quickly realize positive ROI from a social login program, as 24 Hour Fitness did when its social referral marketing campaign boosted customer lifetime value by $600,000 in one month.

Tip: Clearly indicate the types of personalized offers, messages, and opportunities you will share with customers after they share their identity with your brand.


Boost Engagement by Rewarding Visitors For Sharing

In the short term, customers respond eagerly to financial incentives, such as targeted discounts. But long-term engagement requires more than percent-off coupons and special sales. Gamification provides a structure to deliver intangible rewards that promote valuable interactions such as social commenting and content re-sharing.

The information you glean from such input allows you to further refine the offers you present, and the game rewards make interacting with your brand a truly personal experience for the customer. That’s why TV network Joiz was able to boost referral traffic by more than 50% after introducing gamification to the viewer social experience.

Tip: Use gamification to provide accolades and non-monetary compensation for visitors who provide deep, valuable insights to your community.


To learn more about how identity plays into marketing and how to effectively leverage it to create personal experiences, download the free white paper, Making Sense of Consumer Data.

By Kevin White

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