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All About Mobile: Notes from Day 1 #xinnovate PayPal X 2010

Tim O’Reilly posed a great question tonight: What kind of backend does it take to make all this magic happen?  What should you think about when you hear the terms Mobile, Local, Social?   PayPal X and an ecosystem of developers started a conversation to answer that today.

Gigya is part of this conversation. Specifically we are presenting PayPal Identity Services on Stage with PayPal’s Ashish Jain at 3pm PST tomorow (Wednesday 10/27) – come say hello to Dave, Patrick and Brian if you’re there.

So what happened today?

To start, here are some of the headlines written today about the key announcements and some commentary:

GigaOm: Payal Bets Its Future on Mobile

PayPal is betting that a decade of experience and working with thousands of stores, online operations and developers are going to help the company become the third — and most importantly, neutral — option for buying stuff on your handset. Mobile payments are viewed as a the next big gold rush on the Internet and have attracted millions of dollars in funding. According to some estimates, by 2014, mobile payments will be a $633 billion market.

CNN: The World is Going to Look a Lot More Like Zynga

Yes you can now buy credits in any increments, not just $15 via PayPal, but more interesting was Mark Zuckerbergs commentary on how micropayments and social interaction are his vision of the future “The games and stuff that have happened on this platform are just amazing,” Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said last week during a panel at his company’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California. “Five years out, I think the world is going to look a lot more like Zynga.”

Forbes: PayPal Wants You to Ditch Your Wallet

Retailer take note: PayPal announced the release of Mobile Express Checkout, a platform that will allow customers to pay for retail products in stores using only their mobile phones. Utilizing a PayPal platform active across applications on their smartphone, consumers will be able to open the application of a specific retailer and use the integrated PayPal account to make a purchase with just two clicks.  “Mobile commerce is the most significant change in retailing in the last century,” said Osama Bedier, PayPal’s vice president of platform, mobile and new ventures.

From the show floor:

@MarshaCollier did a session on social, and debriefed afterwards with Mashable’s @BenParr and some PayPal developers.  “Developers need to sell, so social is critical” said Masha.  “The developers in my session looked at me like I was talking about something very foreign, until I renamed it Crowdsourcing – then their eyes lit up and they realized great idea, and free!”  For developers who don’t want to interact and provide customer service, social can be a bit intimidating.  They also cited research that found people are more likely to leave their wallet and keys at home than their phones.

If you can’t make the event there is live streaming plus archived video available here.

By Kevin White

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