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4 Keys to Unlock The Value of Mobile: Pay Attention to Mobile Identity

Mobile is still uncharted territory for many expert developers, who are struggling to implement and optimize mobile on both the front and back-end. This blog series will cover 4 strategies to help you successfully create a seamless, high-performance mobile experience:

Part 4: Pay Attention to Mobile Identity

As mobile usage continues to overtake desktop, mobile data will become an increasingly key source of consumer intelligence. But with 25% of adults visiting websites from 4 different devices each week (Experian), mobile remains a stumbling block for many businesses as it fragments user identity and filters consumer data into individual, disparate silos.

In fact, almost 65% of marketers agree that silos within their marketing departments prevent them from having a holistic view of campaigns across channels, and only 18% of marketers routinely have a single view of customers (Teradata).

Modern technology leaders need a way to federate identity across devices and unify unsynchronized user stores into a single record of truth. The first step is to get mobile users to authenticate their identities.

As we covered earlier, Social Login is a convenient way for mobile consumers to register for and login to your mobile site with touch versus type. Social Login gives brands access to rich, permission-based social data, as well as ties all social and on-site behavior to a single social identity.

The next step is to implement a database that can manage the large volumes of structured and unstructured mobile data. This database should hold and consolidate mobile site data with social, transactional and behavioral data to give your business a complete view of consumer identity, as well as the mobile actions and behaviors driving revenue.

Finally, choose a database that offers seamless integrations with other third-party marketing and business platforms to easily leverage these mobile insights across projects and campaigns.

Preparing for Mobile Revolution

As mobile usage continues to skyrocket, brands are calling on developers to lead the charge into the mobile revolution. Making your site mobile ready can be a challenge today, but will make the difference between reaching and converting consumers tomorrow.

We hope our 4-part blog series helped give your business some valuable pointers to survive the mobile revolution. If you’re looking for more mobile inspiration, check out examples of innovative omni-channel user experiences in our free guide, 50 Examples of Awesome User Experiences.

By Rachel Serpa

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