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4 Keys to Unlock The Value of Mobile: Continuously Test & Optimize

Mobile is still uncharted territory for many expert developers, who are struggling to implement and optimize mobile on both the front and back-end. This blog series will cover 4 strategies to help you successfully create a seamless, high-performance mobile experience:

Part 3: Continuously Test & Optimize

Brands that are serious about driving performance via smartphone and tablet devices must test and optimize mobile just as much as if not more than desktop. But with hundreds of mobile devices ranging from the size of watches to laptops, it’s practically impossible to test across every device, not to mention expensive.

We recommend leveraging a tool like Browserstack, which allows you to quickly test screens and browsers across desktop and mobile, saving you tens of hours and thousands of dollars.

Nothing frustrates users more than poorly coded, slow loading mobile sites – 46% of consumers are willing to wait only 10 seconds for a mobile site to load before abandoning the page (KISSmetrics). Beware of CSS3 transitions and animations, and consider loading mobile specific libraries using conditional tags to save mobile users from unnecessary lag.

Mobile Performance by the Numbers…

  • 30% of consumers say that they would wait 6-10 seconds for a mobile page to load before abandoning the site

  • A 1-second delay in page response time can result in a 7% reduction rate in conversions

  • If your site is making $100,000 a day, a 1-second delay could cost you $2.5 million in lost sales each year (KISSmetrics)

Beyond testing mobile architecture, developers must continuously evaluate mobile performance. Does your content get more shares with a vertical or horizontal share plugin? Do rich media comments generate more engagement? Does presenting PayPal as a login option reduce shopping cart abandonment?

Run A/B tests for various versions of your mobile site to optimize for KPIs, and be sure to compare mobile vs. desktop trends.

For more information about creating meaningful mobile experiences, download our free white paper, 3 Ways to Create an Effective Omni-channel Marketing Strategy, and stay tuned for the final installment of our blog series: Pay Attention to Mobile Identity.

By Rachel Serpa

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