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4 Consumer Data Management Challenges Impacting Your Business

Long ago, companies recognized the importance of effectively managing employee identities, data and permissions to help streamline company processes and protect valuable business assets.

Over the past 5-10 years, the rise of ecommerce, social networks, mobile and connected devices has created the need for businesses to develop an external identity access management (IAM) strategy to keep up with the flood of identity data being created as consumers connect across channels.

Consider the following consumer data management challenges:

  • 54% of companies have difficulty managing and integrating data from today’s many varied sources (Destination CRM)

  • 60% of businesses note that big data projects typically take at least 18 months to complete (Kapow Software)

  • 4 in 10 companies say that data remains “siloed” and inaccessible for analysis (WSJ)

  • 93% of executives believe their organization is losing an average of 14% of annual revenue without the ability to act on the customer data they collect (Oracle)

Successfully capturing, protecting and leveraging consumer identity data requires a whole new set of tools and technologies built for the consumer identity access management (cIAM) era. Our new eBook examines the key differences between traditional IAM and cIAM and the steps your business can take to optimize your external strategies, including:

  • Balancing usability and security using social login
  • Federating consumer identity using a variety of SSO standards
  • Managing and normalizing unstructured data
  • Breaking down organizational data silos
  • Automating data privacy compliance

Download the complete guide to consumer identity access management here.

By Rachel Serpa

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