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3 Ways to Create an Effective Omni-channel Marketing Strategy

With the rise of social, mobile, and digital technologies, gone are the days when brands could get away with speaking to customers through a single, one-directional medium. Consumers today demand a connected, multi-channel relationship with their favorite brands – so much so that 45% of in-store consumers turn to social platforms on their mobile devices to influence their buying decisions (Social Media Today). Clearly, brands that ignore the need to establish an omni-channel strategy are going to get left in the dust.

However, as the physical and digital worlds become increasingly intertwined, many marketers are struggling to successfully connect with consumers across all available outlets while still providing an aligned customer experience. Our new white paper will teach you how to create a successful omni-channel experience while establishing cohesive brand and consumer identities through the following techniques:

  • Developing a mobile strategy
  • Streamlining digital and physical interactions
  • Socializing the customer experience

Download the white paper to start taking steps toward creating a successful omni-channel strategy today.

Rachel Serpa, Marketing @gigya

By Rachel Serpa

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