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Customized Gamification: A Look at Cartoon Network Latin America

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Gamification on Cartoon Network Latin America’s site is built on a simple concept – incentivize users for playing games. Their site features a ton of online games centered around Cartoon Network shows and characters. By playing games on the site, kids can earn points, collect medallions (badges), and increase their rank within the community. What’s unique about their implementation, is the creativity and attention to detail they’ve put into their gamified experience.

gamification on cartoon network
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The Independent’s Customized Social Experience

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Today, we’re excited to introduce a new blog feature that places the spotlight on our awesome customers. Every week, many Gigya customers launch innovative and beautifully designed social features on their sites and apps. We want to highlight these implementations, because they make the web a more interesting place, and we’re extremely proud to say that Gigya is powering the social infrastructure behind them.

To kick it off, we wanted to call out The Independent, Britain’s leading news source. The Independent uses Gigya’s Reactions and Comments plugins to provide visitors with meaningful social experiences on Independent Voices, the editorial section of their website. We’d like to thank Jack Riley, Head of Digital Audience & Content Development at The Independent, for taking the lead on this initiative. Below you can find screenshots and detailed descriptions about their social integration.

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Announcing User Management 360: The Next Generation in User Management

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As you may have read on TechCrunch, last week we announced the launch of User Management 360, Gigya’s revamped user management platform. Formerly named Social Identity Management Platform, we’ve done a lot more than change the name. In fact, we’ve added two new products designed to solve a huge problem for marketers:  acquiring and accessing user data.

Simply put, User Management 360 gives marketers the tools to register users, access their data in a permission-based and transparent way, and market to them with an unprecedented level of accuracy.  One of the new products we introduced is Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS). RaaS allows businesses to build an end-to-end registration system – that include both traditional registration fields, Social Login, and profile management pages – in minutes, and without any coding required. You don’t need to be an engineer in order to create registration forms and workflows. Rather, using RaaS, marketers can create all of this on their own through an intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard.

The other major addition to User Management 360 is Identity Access. Identity Access allows marketers to view the profile details of any user that has registered via social login or traditional site registration.  Identity Access also allows marketers to define targeted audience segments using attributes from users’ social data such as interests, location, education, and social connections. From there, marketers can connect user data to third-party tools like email marketing providers, recommendation engines, and content management systems to create hyper-relevant marketing campaigns.

Importantly, all information captured by User Management 360 is obtained on an explicit permission basis. So when a user logs-in either through Social Login or through standard registration, the permissions for data storage a transparent, clear, and accurate.

User Management 360 is a big step for Gigya as we continue expanding our suite of social infrastructure technology. We will continue to innovate and build out our products even more to give our clients everything they need to make their websites and apps social.

Keep an eye out for more exciting news from us in the next few months!

— Patrick Salyer, CEO


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