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Pinterest Now Available on Gigya Share Bar

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Image-sharing social network Pinterest has been exploding in the past couple of months. Its daily traffic grew 4,000 percent between June and December. (Yes, that’s three zeroes.) Shareaholic published data this month indicating that Pinterest accounts for an incredible amount of referral traffic.

For those unfamiliar, Pinterest works as a crowdsourced glossy magazine, which has won it a strong following of fashionistas, wedding planners, home decorators, bakers and crafters. A huge amount of content shared originates on e-commerce and branded sites, with the day’s hottest Pinterest posts being “repinned” thousands of times.

As a result, the fledgling social network has been getting a fair amount of attention from publishers, retailers and brands hoping to gain visibility and connect with the Pinterest community. Organizations from fashion houses to art museums are adding Pinterest accounts to their social media portfolios, posting visual content which they hope will catch interest and lead traffic back to their websites.

So, to help sites take advantage of the Pinterest phenomenon, we’ve added the ability for users to easily “Pin” images via the Gigya Share Bar. By doing so, businesses empower their audience to share and curate site images, in turn driving referral traffic from Pinterest. A number of Gigya clients are already taking advantage of this new feature, including (NBC Universal), which features a Pinterest button across all content pages on the Gigya Share Bar.


Similar to the Facebook “Like” button, the “Pin It” button makes it easy for users to share crafty ideas, inspiration and recipes with fellow Pinterest followers. We’ll be watching Pinterest with interest as it continues to gain traction on the web and present new opportunities for businesses. One thing is for sure: Pinterest’s wave of popularity is too large for businesses to ignore.


Beyond the ‘Like’ Button

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The Facebook ‘Like’ button began as one of the first connection points for brand sites and Facebook users. When it was unveiled at F8 back in 2008, marketers licked their chops over the prospect of being able to bring in fans to their companies’ Facebook pages and begin serving them with relevant content right on the Newsfeed. While the Facebook ‘Like’ button helped break down barriers between sites and an increasingly social base of web users, it hasn’t turned out to be quite the panacea that brands and publishers have been looking for when it comes to socializing content.

In fact, recent research from Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, an Australian marketing think-tank, revealed that the Facebook Like button seems to be failing to make much of an impression on users as they peruse their Newsfeeds. Ehrenberg-Bass’s study found that only about one percent of users actually engage with brand pages they’re subscribed to. While this data shows the failings of the Like button, the research also gives us a chance to rethink how brands can leverage Facebook (and other social networks) to reach a larger audience.

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