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F8 Announcements: What They Mean for Gigya and For Your Business

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As many of you know, the tech industry has been buzzing over the last few weeks in anticipation of Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8. Mark Zuckerberg and Co. (including a hilarious bit from SNL’s Andy Samberg) did not disappoint – to say the least! While there has been no shortage of news coverage about the various announcements from the show we wanted to make sure you all know not just what the new changes are, but how they affect Gigya and the social functionality on your site.

Here’s a summary of the announcements made at F8 and how they will affect your site:

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Bring on the Social APIs – Gigya’s Presentation from SF New Tech

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Check out Gigya’s CEO, Patrick Salyer, discuss how social APIs from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other identity providers are shaping the way we interact on the web.  Recorded from SF New Tech, September 7th 2011.

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New Horizons for Social in the Old World

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Less than 5 percent of the world population lives in the United States, but we make up 30 percent of the Facebook world. There‘s no doubt that Americans are the most avid users of social networks, but social is quickly gaining momentum in the international markets.

The recent social-powered political activity in the Middle East and North Africa has made us all aware of the fact that social media is not a uniquely American phenomenon. Meanwhile, the number of international users on Facebook has climbed by several percentage points in the past quarter.

Social Market

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Make Your Game Mechanics Social

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In July, Jennifer Van Grove wrote an interesting article on Mashable highlighting the recent popularity of gamification, which included the process of formulating a game and the real world implications of creating gamed incentives for users. The article highlighted the importance of making a game meaningful by creating incentives to perform desired actions, not just tacking on points and badges for the sake of a trend. Today, customers are increasingly seeking experiences that are engaging and on-going, which has pushed organizations to formulate new ways to reward customer loyalty.

While it has been documented that successful games need to be thoroughly planned and dynamically adjusted, one issue that has not been discussed in great detail is the process of actually acquiring game players. With so much competition for customer attention on the Web, how does an organization convince users it is worth their time to sign up, understand and care about the game enough to come back for more?

There are three primary ways in which an organization can make it easier to drive interest to ensure a successful game:

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