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Video: iVillage uses Gigya’s Social Live Chat Plugin for Royal Wedding Coverage

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Watch a demo of Gigya’s social live chat plugin in action from the iVillage Royal Wedding Coverage.

iVillage is the largest content-driven community for women online reaching 30 + million unique visitors per month (comScore).

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PCWorld Seeing Positive Results After Integrating Gigya Plugins

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PCWorld is seeing positive results in new user registrations and social referral traffic with Gigya’s social login and sharing plugins. Social login makes it easy for readers on PCWorld to create an account, enabling them to register and sign-in with a social identity from Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, or LinkedIn. Additionally, Gigya’s share bar gives connected users and visitors an easy way to share articles with friends, and helps drive word-of-mouth traffic back to

Gigya’s social plugins are proving to be effective for PCWorld. After implementing social login, new registrations increased by about 40%, and the Gigya Share Bar is effectively spreading word-of-mouth to multiple social networks and driving high-quality traffic to

For a more detailed story, you can download the PCWorld case study here: Download PDF.

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New Study: Moms Rely on Word of Mouth Sharing

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In a recent report, “How U.S. Moms Share & Spread HEALTH Information,” Lucid Marketing  found that U.S. moms often share health information via email (84%) and Facebook (69%). About the same percentage say they hear about new things through email (83%) and Facebook (76%), while only 65% choose television. The study was conducted from an online community of moms on, and brings to light that more moms are using technology for learning by actively reading and sharing on blogs, and communicating through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

A similar eMarketer study conducted in December, 2010 found that 63% of moms typically felt that word-of-mouth is credible. You can see more results from that study below:

eMarketer WOM Moms

You can read more about the Lucid Group report in this MediaPost Research Brief, or download the report from Lucid Marketing here.

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Chat with Friends Around the World During the Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Concert

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Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary is tomorrow, and to celebrate Coca-Cola is inviting fans from all across the world to tune in to live streaming performances from One Night Only, Natasha Bedingfield, Ne-Yo, K’Naan, Kelly Clarkson, and more. From 12p.m.  EST – 4p.m. EST Coke fans will be able to tune in to Coca-Cola’s YouTube channel to watch live performances and chat with fellow fans around the world.

Live chat for the event is hosted by Gigya, and allows users to join the conversation by logging in with a social identity from Facebook, Twitter, Live Messenger, or Google. Once signed in, users have the option to post chat messages to social feeds and encourage friends to join in on the celebration. This also marks the first time that Gigya’s Social Live Chat Plugin will be featured in a YouTube live streaming event.

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Star Wars Fans Unlock Exclusive Blu-Ray Artwork with Twentieth Century FOX Home Entertainment & Gigya

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Yesterday, May the 4th, was Star Wars Day. To celebrate, Twentieth Century FOX Home Entertainment unveiled artwork for the upcoming Blu-ray Disc release of Star Wars: The Complete Saga in an all new way.  Using a combination of  Gigya’s Share technology and “infinite zoom” video, fans from all over the world shared the FOX site to reveal exclusive imagery from the Complete Saga Blu-ray. Every new share revealed more and more information until eventually the complete set was unlocked.

TCFHE provided visitors with worldwide syndication stats for multiple social networks and 16 different countries. You can take a look at the results below:

Take a look at the Gigya Share Plugin in action on the Star Wars the Complete Saga site here:

Be sure to share with your friends, and May the Force Be With You!

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Take a Video Tour of Gigya Headquarters with DreamSimplicity

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Watch as DreamSimplicity founder, Matt Childs, takes a personal a tour of Gigya Headquarters in Mountain View, CA and inteviews Gigya CEO, Patrick Salyer and team.

DreamSimplicity is a community-sourced directory and information center on SaaS and Cloud business applications and is based in San Francisco, CA.

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Royal Wedding Event on iVillage – What Did People Really Think?

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On the day of the Royal Wedding of William & Kate, iVillage hosted a community event powered by Gigya’s Live Chat Plugin.  During NBC’s live coverage of the wedding, some of iVillage’s favorite celebrities and pundits shared the experience and their thoughts real-time with iVillage members. Everyone who registered with iVillage using a social network identity from Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo could easily join in on the fun and share their opinions of the ceremony and more.

Gigya Live Chat Plugin on

But what were they actually talking about?

We combed the chat logs from the event and created the word cloud below. The most-mentioned words in the chat from iVillage members or celebrities appear as the largest words, less frequent terms are the smaller ones.  Turns out this wedding is not much different than most – it’s all about the bride!

What were they talking about

Royal Wedding – What were people saying?

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Social is the Next Search

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Why Online Businesses Must Optimize For Social Network Referral Traffic

A social revolution is dictating dramatic changes in how companies run their websites, and their business. With the advent of social feeds—a live stream of friends’ activity shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter— consumers can more easily rely on trusted personal relationships to determine what’s worthwhile to read, watch, play and buy online. For many, the conclusion is startling; referral traffic is as significant from social networks as it is from search engines, making Social the next Search.

For some companies this phenomenon is a surprise, for others it is an opportunity they are already looking to quickly leverage. But one thing is clear, driving socially-referred traffic is taking its place alongside SEO and SEM as a critical area of marketing analysis and investment for any business operating on the web today.

Social Referral Traffic

Read more on “Social is the Next Search” »

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