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Now Retailers Can Make Their Own Sites Social: New Gigya Social Commerce plugins and turnkey integrations for ATG, Demandware & Magento

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Social Commerce is changing the way people shop – customers want ways to interact with their friends while shopping on any platform or channel, and retailers are struggling to keep up with the near-constant evolution of social technologies. In a January 2011 survey, Retail Systems Research found that 98% of retailers view investing in social commerce as valuable, but that an increasing number are “stymied” by their existing technologies.

What do they need? 96% of retailers “tell us that a streamlined infrastructure is key to overcoming the inhibitors they face today.” They need Gigya.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce exactly what retailers are looking for:

A comprehensive suite of social plugins that are fully integrated with the top social networks and with leading ecommerce platforms.

Integrating the Share Plugin, ratings & reviews, sharing, social recommendations and social login, our new Social Recommendation plugins work together seamlessly.  The Share Plugin gives customers:

  • New ways to share products and opinions with their network of friends and the site community
  • New ways to see what their own friends are doing on a retail site – rating, reviewing, sharing, asking or buying
  • Real benefits in the form of improved user experience and better insights that are the basis for building a relationship with a retailer
The benefits to retailers?
  • New customers from shopper word of mouth activity
  • Increased conversion rates from adding more customer feedback and by linking ratings and reviews to other social activity
  • Simplified implementation and analytics: only Gigya ties everything together in a comprehensive package, delivering a superior user experience as well as unified reporting on customer activity across all points of social engagement.
While the plugins are available to any retailer on any platform, Gigya has made integration even easier with platform integrations for ATG, Demandware and Magento customers.

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Customers do not want a relationship with your business, they want the benefits a relationship can offer to them.

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According to a recent IBM report entitled From Social Media to Social CRM, What Customers Want, this fact is going to come as a surprise to many businesses.  Check out the graphic below: There is an insightful commentary on the findings from Mitch Lieberman here (he’s responsible for the title of this post) where he concludes: “I am not going to go retro and start defining Social CRM, been there, done that! I am going to suggest that you need to start thinking like a customer, outside-in, not inside out. It is not about control of the conversation, it is about mutually beneficial value. A fair exchange.” What Mitch is suggesting is that businesses need to start with what consumers really value and work backwards from there to ensure that the social engagement experiences they are creating are working towards those ends; social engagement isn’t an end in and of itself for the company or the customer. Read more on “Customers do not want a relationship with your business, they want the benefits a relationship can offer to them.” »

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CBS Affiliate Live with the Gigya Platform

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We’re excited that – a major local CBS affiliate in North Carolina – is live with the Gigya platform.

In addition to Social Login and Sharing, WRAL has also included some of Gigya’s newest features, including our Share Plugin. Adding some fun to the weather section, people can share their reaction to the forecast. Looks like far more WRAL viewers in Raleigh are “happy” about the sunny and warm forecast!

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Gigya Has a New CEO

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Posted by Eyal Magen, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Big things are happening at Gigya, both exciting and bittersweet. With that, I share the news that Patrick Salyer is Gigya’s new CEO. This, of course, means that Dave Yovanno is moving on from Gigya – we are saddened to see him go and wish him the best in his future endeavors. Dave led Gigya through the critical transition from an advertising-driven company to a SaaS revenue model. Without Dave, we never would have achieved our goal of hundreds of clients including many of the largest brands on the Internet.

Now, it’s Patrick’s turn to take the reins. For the past 4 years, Patrick served as our VP of Operations and Strategy. His relationships with Gigya’s strategic partners including the leading social networks are unparalleled, and Patrick’s sales expertise is perfectly in line with Gigya’s plans for 2011 and beyond.

Patrick will continue to work with our tremendous executive team and we’re very excited for this next phase in Gigya’s growth. Thank you, Dave, for all you’ve done and welcome to your new role, Patrick!

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IAB Annual Leadership Meeting and PaidContent 2011: The Future of People, Publishing and Data

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It was a big week for the publisher ecosystem. Both the IAB Leadership Summit and took on the big questions facing the publishing and advertising ecosystem. It was great to see so many great folks from both publishers and technology providers, @IAB put on the best event to date, Randall, Lisa, Phil et al put together an agenda which kept people engaged until the close yet encouraged networking – a delicate balance. A big thanks as well to Jeff Britt and the team at PaidContent.

The IAB Leadership Summit, in the midst of Do Not Track  intiatives, took on the question of data vs. people, which was reframed by Babycenter’s Tina Sharkey as data “and” people but as Bowen Dwelle of Admonsters says should have been “Data is Awesome” given the mood at the event.

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Gigya Selected for Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant Program

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Today Facebook announced that it has selected Gigya as a Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant.

Facebook introduced the Preferred Developer Consultant Program (PDC) in December 2009 to provide brands, companies, and organizations a trusted list of companies experienced in integrating flagship Facebook Connect and other platform implementations that employ best practices and enhance existing experiences.

The Facebook blog post says “What separates a PDC from most other digital development firms is the ability to understand social mechanics and technical possibilities on Platform.”  At Gigya we are focused on helping our clients by bringing these two areas of expertise:

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