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Notes from #WOMMA Summit – Social Dimensions, the new Social CRM

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WOMMA Summit 2010 was interesting this year because it brought out so much breadth in social objectives and initiatives. Companies have really begun to put structure on social – both organizationally, as both Josh Bernoff and Jeremiah Owyang discussed, and demonstrated by USAA, Harrah’s, Verizon and Coca-Cola – and programmatically.  The definition of social CRM is expanding considerably.  Here are my key takeaways:

There are 4 Key Dimensions in Social

Listening to the presentations at WOMMA summit last week in Las Vegas, it struck me that social activities and tools fall across two key dimensions for most companies, with objectives and associated initiatives each landing at one end of each spectrum or another, but not both:

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Making Direct Facebook API Calls Using REST

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Gigya wraps the most popular social network APIs into a single API for your websites and mobile applications. As applications become more social, developers sometimes need to call a provider’s API directly in order to access information not exposed directly through our API. For example, the increased popularity of Facebook and the extent of that network’s API often leaves our developers wondering how they can use our API and the entire Facebook Graph API to achieve the best results. Below are two simple approaches that we recommend for doing this.

NOTE: While the examples in this post use our PHP SDK, you are free to the server-side programming language of your choice. Gigya also provides SDK’s for Java and .NET. If your preferred language is something else and you write a wrapper to simplify access to our service, please consider sharing it with your peers in the community.

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Gigya Debuts Latest Generation of Social Optimization Platform

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Gigya 5 is live! Now even more powerful and flexible, this latest release of our platform includes iRank, a new tool making it possible for companies to identify and engage with their most influential site users, fully-featured mobile SDKs for iPhone, iPad and Android, and community products including a customizable website activity feed.  In addition to providing proprietary features, Gigya 5 also integrates with any service or platform our clients choose.

The ability to connect a corporate website – whether publisher, brand or retailer – to the broader social web is no longer a nice to have, it has become a critical objective.  The Altimeter group’s Jeremiah Owyang has been researching the role of the corporate social strategist, and in a recent survey found that the #1 objective for that role in 2011 is integrating the corporate website with the broader social web.

Website Integration #1 Objective

Leading publishers and retailers such as NYDailyNews and Pleasant Holidays have recently added the Gigya 5 Platform; existing customers are automatically upgraded. Gigya is also powering social functionality for leading publishing and mobile platforms including Zinio, ProBoards and Moonfruit.

Gigya 5 Highlights

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This week at the Internet Identity Workshop @IIW

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It was an interesting several days of discussions at the IIW this week in Mountain View.  The event brought together individuals who have been passionate about driving user-centric identity for many years, as well as some of the newer players in the space who bring a more corporate perspective, trying to balance business model with user control.

At a high level, there was much continued discussion on the concept personal data stores (PDSs) which would be completely controlled by the End User and fully portable.  Two key challenges remain with this vision: 1) the major identity providers who have the critical mass of users and data, such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, PayPal, etc., are not (yet) interoperable or provide the End User a “copy” of their data, and 2) there is no obvious business model for PDSs that doesn’t include these providers.

At a more technical level, our team had the following key takeaways:

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Social Commerce: The Path Forward

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On the heels of Altimeter’s Rise of Social Commerce Event, Lora Cecere, Jeremiah Owyang and gang have published their synthesis of where social commerce is now, and where it is going.  They introduce the new digital consumer where: “Trust in big brands is low.  Consumers want confidence in what they buy from friends, and insight from their community.”  While their interviews and quantitative research with social pioneers: manufacturers, retailers, consultants and technology providers (including Gigya) in the retail space surfaced a wide ranging list of goals and definitions, the team has summarized the path forward in four key stages, illustrated in the following graphic:

The research also found that different sub-segments are at different stages, and progressing at different rates.

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The Adobe Vision for Apps: A Single Solution for All Apps, All Devices at Adobe #MAX10

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While the highly publicized dust-up between Adobe and Apple over Flash appeared to end at an impasse, perhaps it was much ado about nothing.  At Adobe MAX this past week,Adobe demonstrated how they have been moving steadily forward with a vision for the future of application development that in effect bypasses the issue.  Here are the key points:

  • Adobe believes in the app concept and that apps will continue to be developed and used by the masses across many devices.
  • At the same time, Adobe sees app development, distribution and monetization as becoming increasingly complicated and difficult to support across an increasing number of platforms
  • Adobe’s vision is to deliver a single point solution to this problem. Here’s how:

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