We’re excited to announce that not only is the Windows Live Messenger Connect Beta available from Microsoft as of today, it is also available directly through the Gigya Social Optimization platform.  Just as websites can tap into the power of Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn, MySpace and many other providers for both social identity, content distribution, and site engagement in one easy connection via the Gigya platform, now the power of Windows live is available to our clients.  We have been working closely with Microsoft over these many months to help make this new product truly compelling for our clients’ businesses.  In their own post today, Angus Logan at Microsoft describes the new product in the following way:

“(Messenger Connect) is a flexible, yet prescriptive set of APIs to help create intuitive experiences that can be tightly integrated into a website or another app. Windows Live users, Messenger, Hotmail, and SkyDrive users, can opt in to provide access to their identity (social login, profile, relationships, and additional user data), share updates about the things they’ve done via Messenger social, and chat with their friends, all from within the experience of another website or app.”

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