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Details on today’s Google Buzz API announcement

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Facebook and Twitter gained traction with websites that enabled seamless sharing through their APIs to the news feed.  Yahoo, LinkedIn and MySpace  followed their lead, providing this powerful sharing capability. A few months ago, Google introduced a news feed service called Google Buzz, offered to Gmail users. That first generation of Google Buzz offered publishers a “Buzz” button, enabling write-only access to the newsfeed. Now it has become far more powerful.

Today, Google announced an API for Google Buzz that offers read-write access similar to the Facebook Graph API (the new Facebook Connect) and Twitter API. The API enables:

  • Authentication
  • Getting user profile data
  • Getting contacts
  • Sharing simple and rich newsfeed items
  • Getting list of followers (new)
  • Getting list of who users follows (new)
  • Follow / Unfollow (new)
  • Group related functions
  • Retrieve users newsfeed and perform newsfeed-related functions
  • Search in public newsfeed
  • Search for nearby places
  • Post activities with location data

One of the reasons we are excited about this announcement is that it means Gigya clients have the opportunity for greater exposure when users share.  Our data shows that as many as 20% of users choose Google as the identity they choose when connecting on a publisher site.

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Benchmark’s Michael Eisenberg talks Gigya on CNBC

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Social as the next Search – Erin Burnett interviews Benchmark Capital’s Michael Eisenberg on CNBC:

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