Activity Feed

activity feed

Display relevant content in real-time

The Activity Feed plugin displays your website’s most recent activity, surfacing interesting user actions as they occur in real-time. It is fully integrated with Gigya’s Social Plugins and can easily track updates when users share, comment, review and earn badges. Additional activity like watching videos, purchasing items and reading articles can also easily be integrated through a simple API call.

Social Graph Integration

The Activity Feed leverages the social graph to highlight content that a users’ friends and followers are interacting with on your website. Users have the option to toggle between activity from friends and your online community to view updates on your website’s most compelling content.



Design the Activity Feed to match the look-and-feel of your brand. Design elements of the plugin UI are customizable through CSS and can easily be modified to provide users with a seamless web experience.


Social Integration

The Activity Feed encourages users to connect to your website via Social Login so they can view which actions their social network friends and followers have taken on your website. Users can connect from a variety of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Foursquare and many more.


Real-Time Updates

The Activity Feed displays actions from connected friends and your online community in real-time, so users can view relevant activity as it happens on your website, and discover new content that others are engaging with.


Easy Integration

The Activity Feed automatically works with all of Gigya’s Social Plugins including Comments, Ratings & Reviews, Gamification and Share, so implementation is fast and painless.

Track Any Activity

Gigya’s powerful API gives you full control over what type of activity to display in the Activity Feed. The API makes it possible to tag any key activities (making a purchase, watching a video, etc.) on your website and spark user interaction.

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